This site is designed to assist Girl Scout Leaders.  
Leading today can be a full time job that requires knowledge, creativity and TIME.  In an effort to lessen the work of other leaders, I am sharing my ideas, crafts, activities, knowledge and even my schedule.  Please feel to use my ideas and adapt them to your troops needs or mirror my schedule.  Let me do the work for you.  I will share tips and strategies to better manage your troops and to communicate with your parents.  As always, I welcome comments and value your input.  Together we can mold the girls of today into strong women of tomorrow.
Under no circumstances do I believe my style of leadership is the best, I have used my information as the foundation to offer you "ideas".  The success of this web site depends on your input.  How did you approach earning the Amuse Journey? How did your girls earn a patch?  Do you have tips for selling cookies?  The more suggestions, tips and ideas added to this site makes the site more user friendly and a better resource for all.  Currently I am in need of creative, simple games, unique service projects and ideas for Bronze Award Projects and I always welcome suggestions for troop events.
E-mail me at any time with your input:

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